Digital Trapstar Society is a project that is built around proliferation of the crypto-degen lifestyle. The main value of this project is establishing a sense of community for many.

Why be basic when you can be a certified Trapstar with our NFT collection? Follow us for the freshest, most fire clothing and collaborations with other collections.

It’s about more than just being another PFP. Trapstars represent a lifestyle, which for decades has had its share of influences including fashion and the streets. 

Our merchandise will range from everyday essentials, to very rare one of one pieces that money can’t buy. Don’t miss out!!

Why Choose US
  • 01

    Small Collection

    Our selection of 2222 Trapstars gives you a fair and equally rare chance to join a special project. Keeping the collection small helps to give the team a better chance to collect with our community

  • 02

    Top-Tier Fashion

    We will be using our expertise to release some of the best apparel that money can buy; Purchasable with only our native currency.

  • 03

    Exciting Collabs

    We are partnering with the best brands in Web3 to help them manufacture and distribute top-notch merchandise to the community. This will improve our project's brand awareness

  • 04

    Profit Sharing

    People who hold at least 5 Trapstars will be receiving a share of profit from all merch Sales! This is our way of saying thank you for helping us fund our startup costs.